Prof. Kai Ambos and Prof. Su Jiang (Bejing University) initiated a Chinese German Dialogue on Core Concepts in Criminal Law and Criminal Justice. There are numerous topics in both China and Germany which deserve to be explored from a comparative perspective to the benefit of both legal systems. Contrary to previous Chinese/German initiatives, this project takes a more discursive and communicative approach and employs as a common language English in order to have a more fluid discussion without relying on translations/translators. The dialogical form of talking with each other in lieu of talking about each other has been proven enriching and successful in a different context, namely the Anglo-German dialogue project, see here.

The first workshop of the Chinese-German Dialogue group was held on 17-18 July 2023, in Göttingen, Germany, here is the program and some photos.

Seven topics were selected, with both German and Chinese authors presenting their unique perspectives on each issue. The workshop commenced with the authors briefly summarizing their (draft) papers, followed by comments from assigned commentators. Subsequently, the discussion was opened up to the entire group. The core objective of the workshop was to foster lively discussions and provide constructive feedback on the (draft) papers. It has been agreed to submit the revised (complementary) papers until 15 February 2024 with a view to a further publication.

The coordinators and participants thank the Chinese Konfuzius Institute at the University Göttingen, the Göttingen Association for Criminal Law, Criminal Justice and Criminology as well as the publishers Beck, Duncker & Humblot and Nomos for their generous support.