Editors: Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Kai Ambos / Prof. Dr. José Martinez
Date: 2021-2023

The project “Göttingen Handbook for Latin American Law” brings together authors from different countries, in their majority from Latin America. The authors will elaborate essay-like papers regarding topics of transnational and regional (Latin American) interest from their national perspective but will integrate experiences and legal practices from other Latin American jurisdictions.

The envisaged publication will take a public law perspective, with a special focus on comparative constitutional and criminal law. The area of criminal law will include international criminal law (the persecution of international crimes at a national level and the relation between gender and transitional justice), criminal law (aspects of legality and proportionality, but also questions of prevention and restorative justice), criminal procedure (abbreviated procedures, sentencing reductions based on remorse/ following a guilty plea, evidence and jury trials). Moreover, the book will address broader criminal justice topics, such as, drug policies, corruption, impunity and penal populism. Regarding comparative constitutional law the book will examine, among others, the following subjects: the Ibero-American concept of democracy, the separation of powers, state of emergency and derogation and the welfare state.

The book will be published by the German publisher Nomos in English via open access.